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The Earth is under threat from the evil inter-galactic space vixen The Mistress and there's only one man who can save it! Armed with a sonic dildo and travelling through time and space in his portaloo spaceship, Doctor Screw's going to lick and split everything in his way until mankind is safe. Accompanied by his sexy side-kick Holly, the two shag side by side from the past to the present and into the future...

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The Doctor seduces his new assistant, Holly, on her bed after giving her a pussy-full of sonic dildo and mouthfull of his magical man-hood. Introductions out of the way, the two of them set about travelling through time. Their first stop is medieval England where on saving a damsel in distress, the corset wearing wench thanks both of them with a three-some in the nearby field. Screw becomes intreaged by his new assistant's life and on hearing that her mother was a free-loving hippy in the seventies, decides to give her a visit. Bent every which way, the doctor realises that Holly's mum shags as well as her daughter (to be).

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So where to next? The stone age! One lucky cave girl gets a rock up her crack while Holly licks her ancient ass. Things look to be going well until, a trip to war-torn France sees the Doctor get captured by the Nazis. But fear not, his captors are stocking and suspender wearing hot fraulines. A couple of pokes with his luga and they're a sticky mess on the floor, leaving the Doctor with an easy get-away. All this heroic fucking has left Mr Screw with a bad back and a futuristic massage is in order. In the future, the extras you get from your cyborg masseuse include a deep throat suck off and wheel-barrow fuck fest. It's one fuck of an adventure!

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STARRING: Mark Sloan, Elle Brook, Franki, Natalie Heck, Aaliyah, Rio Mariah, Jessica Loveitt, Mercedes

RUNNING TIME: 116 mins.



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