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Slagged up in their finest party clothes, Amber's leading her porno pals into the West End. Their partying takes them all over town from sex shops, bars, and clubs to rooftops and abandoned buildings.

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Emma's leading her porno pals into the West End. Kiera gets warmed up by taking a two cock anal pounding in a Soho sex store, bartaring her ass for a outfit. Donna Marie takes a backside beer jacuzzi before opening it up for a cum filling. Still hungry, Tequila and Suzie join the party for a cock filled Kebab on a rooftop as they share a three on one fucking under the city lights.

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The night cums to an end as Sahara and Maxine arrive to spark a full on porn star orgy, leaving the best till last. Boozed up and fucked up, London never knew what hit it!

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STARRING: Emma, Tequila Woods, Tony James, Maxine, Jayce Xaveri, Neil, Amber Leigh, Sahara, Keira Farrell, Marcus London, Rob Stone, Mark Sloane, Rachel Stringer, Pascal White, Donna Marie

DIRECTOR: Rob Stone.

RUNNING TIME: 131 mins.



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